Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas

Pop Pop and Charlotte, and the pic below is with our fun cousins on the Knight side, Jack & Scott.

This picture is just to document the abundance of presents and fun that was had by all. We had a great trip.

The Houston Zoo

We mostly took pictures of all the animals, very exciting while you are there but not really blog-worthy. This last picture is Lily Kate on stage during a little presentation in the children's petting zoo. She was chosen out of the crowd to come up because she was answering all the questions so loudly that she was quickly noticed. This picture is after the little stunt she helped with. The lady asked to go back and sit and she said that she would just stay up there. Of course :)

Little Family Christmas

I love this face, this was Lily Kate's face all morning, so much amazement and excitement.

Lily Kate has been asking for chocolate goldfish for over a month now, when we saw Santa that was the only thing she asked him for so.... here they are, the coveted chocolate goldfish!

Sweet Charlotte looking at her new lovey from Aunt Becca & Uncle Patrick

Look at those pretty girls

Monday, December 14, 2009

Can you feel the excitement

This picture is just before our trip to to the Nutcracker. Lily Kate did very well. She talked a little loud but she was enthralled and enjoyed herself very much!

Front Porch

Some shots from our time at Lane's for Thanksgiving





Saturday, December 05, 2009

We Have a Walker!

So, Charlotte has been standing on her own and even taking 3-4 steps for the last month. But tonight while Parks had some guys over to watch football Charlotte just walked across the room. It was so exciting. She was walking more the rest of the evening, gaining more confidence. I'll try to get some video soon. She'll be 11 mo in a couple days - our tiny one's growing up :)

Sugar Cookies

This Christmas season has already been really fun. Lily Kate will be 3 next month and we've really entered into a new season of being able to do things together. We made sugar cookies yesterday. I have learned that we share a love of cookie dough - when Lily Kate stared eating fist fulls I had to move us along. She put every color sprinkles she could get her hands on every cookie. It was pure joy for her and such a sweet experience to share with her.

Kate kept confusing the word decorating with the word celebrating. It was so cute, "oh, I love celebrating these cookies, Mommy, they are very beautiful"

Also, you can maybe see in the top picture that one of our wedding pictures we in Lily Kate's sightline as she was decorating and it must have gotten her thinking. I was icing cookies and she said...
"Mommy, when did you first get married?"
"It was actually almost 5 years ago"
"I like your flowers....but I want to have red flowers at my wedding"
"oooh, that sounds really pretty, I think we should do it"
.....long pause..... "who will I get married to, Mommy?"
"We don't know, babe, we should pray for him though. We should pray that he's a good husband."
"Yea, we should pray for him.... and I want to have cookies at the wedding.... red flowers and cookies"
"Sounds good to me"

PS isn't that little apron with a "K" cute, I found it in a yard sale!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Elmo Panties