Thursday, March 25, 2010

Couple More Words....

Charlotte is a chatty little one... today when I was pushing her down the isle at Harris Teeter (see last post) she pointed to a little boy in another cart and said, "baby". I was shocked. Yesterday she said "bubbas" when I was blowing bubbles for her. I am surprised at what she can say so this is fun for me to report. I much prefer these words to her usual high pitched screams that my girls are famous for.

Speaking of the screams. Yesterday at the Teeter (yep, two days in a row) I was pushing Charlotte while Parks had taken Lily Kate to the bathroom when, across the entire store, we heard Kate let out a quick high pitched scream (her usual). So, of course, Charlotte screams back. Like two birds communicating, they continued to scream back and forth across the store. I was desperately trying to quiet Charlotte - who likes to look back at me and say "ssssss" with her finger up to her lips just before she screams again. A lady walked by and said, "that other little girl likes to scream as much as yours does". My pride wouldn't let me tell her that both little screaming crazys are all mine :)

My favorite hobby....

For over 2 years I have been couponing and, over time, it has become one of my favorite things. This week is triple coupons and Harris Teeter and my birthday all in one week, ahh life is good. Anyway, I have an obsession - I got the stuff in all three pics for 16.03 total. Who wouldn't get addicted to that!

This is a sweet sight to me...Daddy and Kate making cookies. Lily Kate is very into baking these days but (like her mother) she seems to prefer the batter over the baked product. I took her to a cooking class at our childrens' museum and she loved it. Let's hone these skills, maybe between she and Parks I can stop cooking all together. Below are the finished starfish cookies.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Time for an update....

It's been a full week and I have slacked on picture taking.

Charlotte is chatting it up these days. The other night I was carrying her in to her room at night to put her down and she looked at me and completely unprompted said "nigh nigh". She's catching on. She also says appa-sauce and eye (which is said accompanied by a quick finger in your eye).

We went to the park for our buddy, Jacob's birthday earlier this week. I didn't get a shot of him, but here are the some "big kids" - don't they look OLD! From the left is Crawford, Kate, Maddie, and Jackson.

We've been talking with Lily Kate some about sin and the condition of our hearts. The other day during dinner out of the blue Lily Kate said "so when Daddy was mad and he threw my shoe on the bed that was sin, right? Daddy, that was sin." Probably the first of many times when one of us will get called out. :)

Parks was dressing Kate today and she was putting on her gold sandles and she said, "you see these shoes, Dad, Jesus weared these shoes when he dood (aka did) all that stuff" Hmm, "you mean Jesus wore sandles?" "Yes Dad, just like me!"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Airlie Gardens on a sunny weekend

Friday, March 12, 2010

Look at our tiny princess. My aunt sent a box of fabulous dress up clothes for Lily Kate. We couldn't let her have all the fun so we pulled this little dress out that we've had for a while. Isn't she sweet? We got this great chair at Target this week for the girlies to share. We are getting some new chairs for the living room and I'm thinking the more they want to sit in the pink one the less they'll sit in the others and the longer the new ones will stay free of chewed up Cheez Its and milk. A girl can hope, right! Below is Kate with precious, Ella. We got to visit with our long-time friends, Kelly and Scott and their daughter on Friday night. The pink chair is popular.

Monday, March 08, 2010

The girls' Soni (Parks' mom) got the girls this cool tent. It usually lives in our house but now that temperatures are rising it's on the porch. I love watching them play together.

I added this picture so you can see Kate's stick on earrings. She got them as a prize for being incredibly compliant and sweet on Friday (turns out she had a stomach bug and I think that's what was slowing her down - but, hey, I love to reward sweet behavior). Apparently the "stick power" on these things is amazing. This first pair lasted 3 days through baths and sleeping. At this rate the package is going to last months. She thinks the earrings are big time. This morning as we were leaving, she looked at me and sort of did a double take and said, "oh, look at your earrings, they are so cute, they look just like mine" They don't at all, but it was one of those moments when I just said, "you are exactly right, you look beautiful". There she is, all calm with her earrings.