Thursday, September 30, 2010


I sat at the breakfast table this morning and listened to Charlotte and Parks reading books. "What's that?" he would say and animal after animal Charlotte would answer... "rine ah sis" "gee aff" "monkey". Then Parks said, "Count the balloons." and with her finger on each one she counted, "one, two, free, four, five".... Did Lily Kate count when she was 21 months?? It all goes by so fast.

I also saw her sitting by herself in my room the other day saying "giant mess... diss a giant mess" very dramatically with emphasis on each word. There was no mess at all but she was definitely pretending that something was going on....interesting little imagination... we're still learning her personality. She is an interesting mix between sweet and cuddly & feisty and bossy. I laughed a little as I typed those words so effortlessly. There are 2 other ladies in the house who are a lot like that :) Poor Parks.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Oh, Staycation, how I love thee....Friday around noon Parks and I packed up and drove the 4 or so miles down to Shell Island Resort at Wrightsville Beach. We only stayed until Sat afternoon but it was glorious. We lounged by the pool, we walked on the beach, we ate great food, sat in the hot tub, napped, all of the simple pleasures that you never know you love so much until you have toddlers. I love my children a little more every time I'm away from them. For me one night is perfect. Just long enough to really relax and focus on each other but by Sat afternoon I was telling Charlotte and Kate stories non stop and getting excited to see their faces. ......I'll miss you, staycation - who knows when you'll happen again.
Also, a poem should be written about our friends, Graham & Emily because they are the generous and brave souls who kept our kiddos. According to all parties a great time was had by all. Thanks, guys!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Oh, the day has really come! The first day of pre-school felt like a big deal around here. Last night the four of us went to Chick Fil A for a celebratory dinner. We realized that it was kids night when we got there, which was really convenient because the clown gave the girls balloon hats and they made bead necklaces. It was a perfect celebration.

Yesterday we went up to school for about 30min to an open house for the kids to meet their teachers and check the place out. Kate had a blast, she didn't want to leave at all. Although, later when I was alone with her she said, "Mom, I want to stay little." I asked her what she meant and she said that she wanted to stay little so she could stay with Charlotte and me at home. It was sweet to see a little reluctance to leave me. She is so social and so confident, so I don't see that much from Lily Kate. We talked about Tuesdays and Thursdays still being special days at home. She will only be there 3 mornings a week and I think she will love it. She woke today up very excited. I laid her clothes out last night and this morning Parks suggested that she wear something different and she was beside herself. I think the extreme reaction was due to a little nerves :) He went with the original outfit. While I was brushing her teeth this morning she said, "Am I still just 3?" I think all this talk about being a "big girl" has her a little confused.

The girls road to school together and Parks followed in his own car. We listened to "Uptown Girl" on full blast and laughed a lot when Charlotte sang "naptime girl" loudly. Parks and I walked her in this morning and she was quiet but when Parks picked her up and she was her usual self, bounding with energy, talking the whole way home. I'm so proud of her. She is really growing up. She is very considerate and creative and a little more self controlled than she used to be :) Happy first day of school, Lily Kate!!

Happy Birthday Parks!

Happy Birthday to our favorite guy! I realize that the above picture looks like we put candles in a pumpkin but I actually made Parks a cream cheese almond pound cake. It was gooood! For one of his gifts I got Titans cheerleader uniforms for the girls to wear on game days. Don't be surprised if you see this dress again in a Haloween post :) Oh, and don't worry, I got him a couple presents that were actually for himself too.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes...(or three year olds!)

I have been meaning to post some of the awkward moments I've experienced due to comments from the mouth of my 3 year old. I think I'll keep these coming as they come.

Yesterday an appraiser came over to look at our house (we're refinancing). The nice man said hi to Lily Kate and I asked her to say hi to him and she says, "Hi, you look just like the lady in my Amelia Bedelia books." Promtly I say, "oh, she means man" and she interrupts, "no mom, the lady, here, I'll go get the book" and runs off to her room. I followed her and tried to explain that people don't like to be told that they look like a girl if they are a boy.....she tried to explain that it was actually the woman in the book who looks like a man. I have to agree. Anyone else have those books? Mrs Rogers really does look a lot like a man in the "Amelia goes camping" book. We just stayed in the room while Parks took the man outside.

Last week we were at Lowes Foods when a 50something year old woman walked by. "Hey" says Kate, "she has a baby in her belly, maybe she has 2 because her belly is big, right?" "Nope" I said "no.. no... no she doesn't" We've never talked about a person being overweight, it's a concept I'd like to leave out of her sweet mind at this point. So I just said that some people look like they have babies in their bellies when they don't and we can never ask them if they do, we have to wait until they tell us if they do" She didn't understand this at all. She asked, "why not"..... I swear, this is why moms end up saying "because I said so"

Twice this one has happened - We're in Harris Teeter walking down the isle and a a 2 foot distance Lily Kate loudly asks, "Mom, is that a man or a lady?" The first lady just smiled. I smiled and could not think of a single thing to say. The second time I had a smidge of experience in the situation so I pointed to the far end of the isle (away from our said lady) and said, "that person, oh that's a man". Immediately Lily Kate corrected me as I was speeding the cart away from the lady, "no mom, THAT person, man or lady?"

I've got to get more prepared in these situations, I feel like a deer in headlights every time. If you have any suggestions I'll take them.