Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend at Bald Head Island

This weekend we went to Bald Head Is with our friends, the Andersons. They have a son who is 3 mo older than Lily Kate and she thinks he is the coolest ever. The weekend was really relaxing, a perfect mix of exploring the island and napping by the pool. Hard life, huh?

I had to include this shot (above). We were checking out this old chapel and these women were practicing some hymns and LK was fascinated. She is peering through the railing in the balcony to see them. She loves to listen to people sing (even me!)

we got to check out the fire trucks at the island's station (not a ton of action for the fire men over there, I imagine). LK liked "driving" but the extreme difference between her reaction and our friends' son's reaction was priceless. She's more into dress up and dancing and not as much into trucks.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Porch Swingin

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lily Kate keeps me busy!

Lily Kate's aunt Sarah came to visit us last weekend and brought her a "fae wee" costume and a Nemo umbrella. I don't know which she likes more. She opens the umbrella and then tries to fit in our (small) shower stall and asks for "rain?". I know she looks serious in the lower picture but it was the only one (out of 8 tries) where she was still - imagine that!

These two are just funny moments from the last week. It seems like wearing mommy's shoes must be a favorite for every little girl, I find her like this at least every third day. The lower shot is Lily Kate in some dipping caramel that I was eating with my apples. She and her baby both had to get "naken" and wash their clothes. She thought it was funny all day that baby was "naken"

Thursday, September 04, 2008

This hair has come a long way

Here's a shot of Lily Kate's trademark toupee that she had for a long time. But lately her hair is growing like crazy. So much so, that we decided to give her her first trim yesterday.

Not too bad, it's not much shorter. The same, just less scraggly.