Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"There are too many Carpenters in Heaven"

I overheard Parks saying this sentence to himself last week after he talked with Lily Kate about loosing some of our family. I know he was thinking also of his dad. Even as I'm typing I know that "loosing" isn' the right word and Heaven is a far better place for us Carpenters to be than here. I know those things are true. Still, there is so much pain. Last week our sweet niece, Gwenyth, and Parks' wonderful sister Marie went to Heaven on the same day. Most of you have known about and have prayed for Gwen through me or through her blog link here on our blog. Marie was at Falling Water, a lookout that she loved, when she fell Friday. Marie & Gwen were both daughters, both sisters, both cousins, both nieces. So many people love these two and feel such an emptiness at their absence. I have waited to write, hoping that eloquent words would show up sometime. I have concluded that they aren't coming. We feel heavy, broken, & sad. We also feel God's nearness and comfort. I have enjoyed looking through old pictures of Marie. She was really beautiful, she was really silly, she is really special. We love her so.

Patrick, please know that any sadness I had while looking at this picture was interrupted when I saw your huge affro! Thanks, man. Above, here's the fam. From bottom to top, left to right: Will & Henry. Parks, me, Lily Kate, Lane, Myers, Winship. Marie, Becca, Laura, & Sarah. Affro= Patrick :)
Above, Marie with Lily Kate 3 yrs ago & below, with Kate & Lillian last Thanksgiving

Above, Marie with my girls and below with Parks being "awesome", both last summer at Tate.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Beach Day

Yesterday I told the girls we were going to go to the beach today. So, of course when I went in to Kate's room this morning she had her sun hat on and her hands in the air yelling "BEACH DAY". We had fun. :)

Why do all babies eat sand? I mean, I understand trying everything once, but why do they eat the sand, act really offended by sand, and then eat it again? Who knows..... Okay, I really hope you can tell what's in the picture below. Kate and I went on a walk to collect shells and we found this guy. Kate said, "oh, a sting ray, Maddie and I saw a sting ray at the aquarium" I was more disturbed than she was.

...And off to get some ice cream

We grabbed some lunch after the beach and headed to the strawberry farm for ice cream. What a perfect day. I love Saturdays and I love this season. The girls were so sweet to each other today, they built sand castles and shared snacks. Precious.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Sweet & Sassy

Lily Kate's first haircut (by someone other than me) was long overdue. Above is her "before" shot. Don't worry, the "after" isn't too different. We went to Sweet & Sassy and it was a memorable experience. I recommend this to every mother of a little girl. Tuesdays are toddler days and cuts are only $10. It comes complete with glitter spray, a glitter flower painted on her cheek, and a lolly pop. It was precious.

There's the "after", see, just a 2in trim. We ran into my friend with her daughter, Lila Jane Below is the runway that the girls played on after they finished. This place has "mini-manis and mini-pedis", makeovers, up-do's, etc. It's only a matter of time......

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I just have to say a bit about how much Charlotte is talking. There are new surprises every day. I pointed to my mouth today hoping she would give me a kiss and she said "mou". (She can also point out and say "eyes".) This week she has used correctly the words: park, sak (snack), out si (outside), moomie (movie), baa (bath), shoe, daaper, (diaper), Sissie, Sar Sar (Char Char), sing (swing), daace (dance), and - clearly taught by Parks - neken... I'm sure you know - naked