Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grace, Myra, and I took the kiddos to see Veggie Tales Live this afternoon.  It was big time!  The kids were thrilled.  
 If you are wondering what it's like to be at VT Live, here's your very own shot below.  Now imagine a million kids yelling their favorite Veggie Tales silly songs and add in kids alternating turns sitting on your lap.  The seating was tight so there were lots of elbows in ribs and stepped on toes.  Also, I'd like to make a note to Mr. Veggie Tales show scheduler not to have a kids show at 2pm during nap time, but rather in the morning when kids are fresh and at their best.  All that in consideration, (to quote Charlotte) "it was the best thing ever".
 ...And the drive home....he he.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Eggs of the Season.

This morning both girls had an egg hunt in their preschool class.  Charlotte's was first.  She was very excited and I didn't get many pictures because it was pretty fast paced.  

 After the hunt we went back to the classroom for snack.  Look at Charlotte; she's a pretty good listener at school.  
 Here's Hadley playing on the carpet with the other baby siblings. 
 Next was Lily Kate's egg hunt.  Here is her class waiting on the other 4/5yr old class.  
 And here they are doing the "Bunny Pokey".  Her smart teacher was keeping the wait interesting.  Next they had an egg hunt for 19 eggs.  Their job was to count them out as they were hunting.  Lily Kate was not as fast as the boys and so we missed most of the obvious eggs and were actually "hunting" for our 19 so I didn't get any pictures between looking and counting.  I know we'll be egg hunting again at church and at home, and maybe even at the children's museum so I'll have many more photo opps this season :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

That Face

I know these pictures are all similar, but I just couldn't pick my favorite.  They all capture Hadley perfectly.  Tonight I was feeding her some eggs (that's what is all over her if you were curious what baby food is yellow and chunky).  Parks just walked through the room and she LIT up (as usual).  I took these pictures but they are all of her smiling at Parks.  She truly adores him.  Have I mentioned that the only "words" she says are "da da da da" So precious.  

 * Can you see the top 2 teeth?  She now has 6 teeth, the middle 2 on the bottom and the middle 4 on the top.  

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Park Weather

Friday we had another beautiful day.  Parks came home early and we went to the park.  No real captions necessary.  Just having fun. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

First Trip to the beach 2012

The Powells and our family brought a picnic dinner and went out to the beach this evening.  It was bit colder than I was prepared for but the sun was warm and the view was beautiful.  Hadley was entertained by watching the kids run around.  I think she'll love it this summer.
 After just a short time the girls shocked us and got right in to the water in their clothes.  It was freezing!  (Yes, that other girl out there is in her bathing suit!)
 Charlotte came back soaked
 Samuel was smart, he did not get in.

 The look on Kate's face was the general sentiment after they were out of the water for a few minutes and the wind was blowing.  We put them in the wagon and wrapped them in a big towel.
 They cheered up, especially after we told them we were going to leave and go get frozen yogurt.  
 This picture really shows my Charlotte's personality.  I was going through all the pics I snapped (if you have young kids you know you have to snap about 6 to get a good one) and I saw this cross eyed one.  She's a trip!
Beach, you were a little cold tonight, but we'll be back soon!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pancakes on the Porch

Parks was out of town Monday and today so the girls and I have been solo.  I'm telling you this parenting gig is not a one man job!  We actually had a really fun time most of the time.  (My trip to the pediatrician today with all three girls - that included shots and a throat swab - was not part of the "most of the time") But, tonight's dinner was.  Nothing special, just eating yummy dinner on the porch (thanks Grace!) and spending time together.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Aquarium Field Trip

Hadley and I joined Lily Kate's class on a field trip to the aquarium today.  Here she is with her friend, Nadia.
Michael & LK checking out the alligators.  Lily Kate asked me quietly, with total sincerity, "Does that kind of alligator have 2 heads?" To her credit she was pretty shocked about the whole concept.  I assured her that there were also two bodies.  

Sitting in the sun with Michael afterward. (Does she look old or what!?)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Porch Time

Ahhh, the warm weather is delectable!  Parks took Kate for a bike ride this afternoon while Charlotte napped, so Hadley and I had some porch time.  

PS. I finally made some pillows for the beloved porch swing!  Look how teeny Hadley looks on there.   See that old window hanging on the wall behind the swing, what color should I paint it?  Maybe yellow or green from the front pillows?
I promise I am trying to take pictures of Charlotte.  She is the hardest by far because she's always dancing around while Kate is posing and Hadley just sits and smiles. This is the best I could get tonight.  She is such a nut, I am learning more and more about her as she gets older.  She is sensitive and stubborn and SILLY as can be.  I love getting reports from her preschool teachers (who call her Chuck) about how funny she is.  It sounds like she's fairly well behaved in there too - who knew?!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Everyday Play

I have wanted to do a better job at documenting our everyday life.  The weather has been so warm lately.  Yesterday Lily Kate, Hadley, and I sat on the back deck (while Charlotte napped) and blew bubbles.  

 * Kate dripped bubble in Hadley's hair, which resulted in this slick, comb-over look

 I love this "Did you see that HUGE bubble?" face!
 And then we played restaurant, which we do often.  Lily Kate was the waitress (currently, the job she aspires to be when she grows up) and I was the customer.  Here she is complete with her pad to take my order.  And below, a shot of my taco and oatmeal (which I was strongly encouraged to order).  I brought my own drink on my second trip to the restaurant after I was served water out of an empty bubble bottle on my first visit- ick, super soapy.