Sunday, July 31, 2011

On the brink...

What I fun feeling to know that we'll be headed to the hospital to start the delivery of our newest little girl in just a few hours (I'll be calling in at 5am). I am reminded of being younger and lying in bed awake the night before the first day of school attempting to sleep or lying on a pallet with my cousins on Christmas Eve with excitement pumping through me. Tonight we are experiencing "Baby Eve" and it's exciting! I do imagine I'll be a little more apt to sleep this time when my head is on the pillow because I know that there will not be an abundance of that in the near future. It was a really sweet time putting Lily Kate to sleep tonight. From the perspective of a four year old we have been waiting and praying for this baby forEVER so she is absolutely thrilled about her arrival. We have asked God for His blessing over this day, over our baby's health and safety, over this adjustment for our girls. He will provide His best for our family and we are trusting Him. Baby day here we come!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's only a matter of time until I bombard you with tons of pics of our baby girl lying around looking cute .... While we wait for her to be born, how about a video of Charlotte entertaining us in the Gap.... who dances like this??

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gimmie a Break

Litterally....a break... so, yesterday I stepped (yes, just stepped) out my front door, lost my footing, and fell. All I can remember is thinking, "DON'T FALL ON YOUR STOMACH!" so I fell on my side and broke my fifth metatarsal in my left foot. Some of you with keen memories may be thinking, "I feel like she has done this before" and yes, you are right. About 2 years ago I fell on some steps, holding Charlotte, walking back from the mailbox. I concluded that this timing is actually somewhat practical. It's all in your perspective, right? We have family in town (and will have help here until Aug 10th). I'm not able to exercise, which would normally be very disappointing, but, let's be honest, this pregnant momma hasn't been doing anything active in over a month. And, I have a nice little hospital visit coming up where people will bring my meals right to my bed... we could almost call this convenient, right?!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Induction Date

I went to the dr this morning for my 38 week check up. If there are any men that read this and are weirded out by labor talk then skip this post :) I am only 1cm dialated, but am 70% effaced and she is at a neg 1 station - so pretty low. Te doctors were a little concerned at the speed of my last delivery coupled with the fact that I have Group B Strep and need 6hrs of penicillin before she is born. So, we opted for an Aug 1st induction date. I still hope that she comes on her own (& I will just get my bottom to the hospital this time, apparently I'm not allowed to finish watching Top Chef like last time). They offered July 28th or 29th but Parks and I liked the sound of another Saturday between now and the birth, so we picked the next Monday. We were laughing at the nature of having our 3rd and wanting just 2 more days to rest and prepare before we meet her. So, now we have a plan that is just that - our plan. We'll see what God's plan is and when He wants us to meet our littlest girl. Between now and then we have a visit with Parks' mom and brother, we're trying to replace our car that got totalled earlier this month, I'd love to sew some outdoor pillows.... you know, the usual :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Murder Mystery Dinner Birthday Party!

Friday night Parks and I went to our dear friend, Andrew's murder mystery dinner birthday party. It was a really fun time. His wife, Stephanie, threw a great party! My character, Tammy, was an "over the top" 1920's hair dresser. Parks was Mac, the champion boxer - with a random giant mustache.

Here is the lovely hostess herself, isn't that wig awesome?! Steph & Julie.

Annie & me. Annie is due with her daughter 3 weeks after me, but has been having some contractions and I bet she beats me to the hospital. I am so excited for our daughter to have a girl friend!

Sherry & Josiah. Sherry looked fantastic, she was a singer at the speakeasy and was totally decked out.

Anthony was Roy the bartender.

Noah & Carrie. Carrie was a cardshark and I can't remember exactly what Noah was but he was hilarious! He carried a huge knife and something about a stolen pumkin....

Couple of action shots to leave you with. Tim getting boxed and DJ breakin it down.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Lily Kate's Ballet Recital

On Friday, at the end of the week of ballet camp Lily Kate had a recital. It was short, a little chaotic, and really precious - as all 4yr olds ballet recitals should be :) Here is Lily Kate with her great friends, Maddie & Sarah.

Some of the actual dancing, you can see Kate is a little distracted by the idea of herself being filmed, in true fashion.

And here she is with her teacher, Ms Morgan. Morgan is an actual ballerina, we saw her in the Nutcracker 2 years ago and thus began Kate's fascination with ballet. She is really wonderful to watch. Kate had a great week. As we were leaving we were laughing with Morgan at the idea that it is realistic that we could still be doing this ballet camp in 7 summers from now with our brood of girls. I better hang on to those leotards.