Monday, October 27, 2014

Church Fall Festival

The highlight of my evening was the fact that Charlotte and her friend, Charlie wore the same rockstar costume just by chance.  It is very suiting, these two are two peas in a pod.  

 Most of the time when they're together they look like this!

Samuel was "No Noggin" from the Curious George Halloween special that is on Netflick and that Hadley has seen at least 7 times so, although most people didn't know what he was, my kids were a big fan!
 Poor purple Care bear Hadley wasn't feeling well at all.  She convinced me that she was actually sick when she turned down cotton candy.  She got some Tylenol in her and she shaped up a little, at least enough to go through the Trunk or Treat.  

 Lily Kate, the hula girl with baby Henry

 Maddie was Vitruvius from the Lego movie.  She was not Moses, nor was she was a hippie (she doesn't know what that is for the record).  Poor kids, her costume was actually really good.

 Sweet Chloe

Pumpkin Patch

After our soccer game a few weeks ago we went to pick out our pumpkins.  The place had a great selection but had huge orange tents so all the pics under them make us look like we're under a heat lamp (and this is after editing).  

It's fun for me to see the girls side by side, they look a lot alike to me here, although I often don't think that. 

We tried..... this one may be Parks' fault

Holly Tree Hoe Down

This year I was in charge of Lily Kate's class' face painting booth.  A heart was the highlight of my skillset.  

It was really fun for me to see Charlotte interact with the girls in her class.  They have a sweet bunch who all seem to be really kind to each other.  Precious.

Eating a cupcake from the cakewalk.

Lily Kate and her favorite school friend, Joylin.  They both went to the "Medic" which was a super popular booth.... who knew??  Kate's cotton candy stained her teeth to match her shirt and eyes.

Soccer Season

This is our second year playing soccer.  Lily Kate loves it and Charlotte is paying attention about 3/4 of the time, which is better than the 1/4 from last year :)  We have Saturday morning games every week.  We line chairs up with friends and watch and chat, not a bad way to spend a weekend.

 Lily Kate had just scored a goal here, fun moment captured

The Circus

Our kind friends gave our family circus tickets and a concession credit (which can cost more than the tickets if you don't watch yourself!) The kids brought buddies and had some free fun.

Tate 2014

Tate really is a magical place.  The kids have the time of their lives for a week while we're there every summer.  They leave the best of friends and that is priceless.  

We celebrated Eamon, Hadley, and Arthur's birthdays while we were there.  (look at precious Arthur in the foreground of the pic)

 The three musketeers right here

 hill rollin'

Isn't magical the right word?

Warming up Hadley

I think this is Will on the swing

Ruffle bottom, he he

 Haddy and Connor were great together

 Fashionista Charlotte

 Hadley was obsessed with this guitar that Myers brought, she held it correctly and would strum to the beat of a song, singing the whole time.  That girl loves music!


I think everyone that came brought a watermelon so we were cutting the pieces large to use em up.

Diving board jump

Another fashionista,  she put this on and said, "look Mom, I'm you"

Conner all bundled up

Myers, Arthur, & Laura

 Brave Lillian jumping from the bottom tower
 Brave Kate doing the same

The three big girls spend hours (really) making fairy villages, they were really cool when they were finished, complete with different rooms and pets all made from nature.  Beats playing on the Ipad if you ask me!
I wonderful week with family!