Sunday, September 15, 2013

Soccer Season

Our girls (& a handful of our friends) just started soccer season.  Our first game was Saturday.  They loved it.  As we were pulling in I realized that I wasn't sure if Charlotte even really knew that there would be an opposing team and that they were playing against each other.  We aren't the sportiest group if you haven't noticed.  She said, "The other people are going to take our ball, that is so mean!"  Charlotte mostly just ran after the group of kids with the ball.  She would kick it if it rolled free, but never tried to kick it away from anyone.  We'll work on explaining the basics of the game.  
 Samuel & Charlotte
 Lily Kate loved it too (which I was a little unsure about).  I was impressed at her involvement the whole time.  I guess they stop picking flowers on the sides and start playing the game by the time they're six.  It was fun to watch them both have so much fun.

Savannah for 24hrs

Lily Kate and I both had a callback for (tiny) parts in Sponge Bob square pants, the movie.  We were asked to go to Savannah so our family decided to make a mini vacation out of it.  We had a blast.  We left Thursday at lunch and got there around dinner time.  We parked downtown and walked through some of the town's squares.  Hadley loved the horses and carraiges.  She kept saying "hoe-ses and carrots, I love dem"
 We ate at a fun, causal Japanese place.  Testing out the chopsticks started out like this...
 ...but very quickly turned into this.....
 ....and this. Between wearing the chopsticks and accidentally shooting edamame beans out of their pods the while trying to shell them the girls (and the parents) laughed through most of dinner.   
 We swam at the hotel.
 We also checked out Forsyth Park.  It was beautiful, look at the Spanish moss dripping from the trees.  Wilmington has a lot of it too, so I see it all the time, but its southern beauty just doesn't get old.  
 Sitting with Hadley at the playground while the big girls played 
 This might be my new favorite picture.  Our baby is growing up so much!

Our last stop before the audition was River Street Sweets for pralines.  We went to the audition (which was short and fun) then over to Paula Dean's restaurant for lunch and back in the car for a 5 hour drive home.  Fast and furious, but a lot of fun!

Our little friend, Claire celebrated her birthday with a princess party at a ballet studio.  The girls got make up, up do's, and dress up clothes.
The birthday girl.

 Walker, watching all the little ladies
 Isla and Hadley, enthusiastic as usual :)

Happy Birthday, Parks!

To celebrate Parks, this year, we had a big party on our new patio.  Parks' favorite things are good food and lots of good friends.  I feel like both of those things came together successfully.  I didn't take any pictures that night, but I snapped a few on his actual birthday.  

 These girls are loved by their daddy!
Anyone who knows us knows we have a lively bunch.  The girls loved celebrating Parks.  They made him precious card and made sure that the cake was his favorite kind and that he had his box of Whoppers (their annual present to him). 

Monday, September 09, 2013

Back to School

These sweet pictures are mostly so that I can see the fun progress by comparing them with the last day of school pictures that will come later next year.  
Lily Kate 6yrs old, just started first grade
 Charlotte 4yrs old, just started Pre-K
 Hadley, 2yrs.  Hasn't started preschool, but she sure did want to stay when I dropped off Charlotte on the first day.  Then, today when I pulled into the pick up line to get Charlotte, Hadley's eyes lit up and she said, "I go to school now! Yay!!" Poor kid, I'm not ready to let go of you yet :) One more year.