Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Here are the little trick or treaters. Originally both of the girls were going to be cheerleaders but in the last few days Kate got her heart set on being a princess so the awesome flower girl dress we had (thanks Becca!) came in handy. I thought these shots were cute.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dress up Day

Lily Kate's got to wear her Halloween costume to preschool this morning. I got to go up to the class and help the kids decorate pumpkin cookies (after we got home from the doctor's office). It was precious to see the little munchkins all dressed up. I am happy to report that Lily Kate didn't do anything crazy the whole time. She was really sweet to her friends, one little buddy who was dressed like Superman kissed her when she left. His mom and I were shocked :)

Scary Morning

Charlotte slept in this morning so Parks went to wake her so I could get going to take Kate to preschool. When Parks layed her on the changing table he noticed her eyes darting back and forth, like a spasm. She was coherent and scared and bothered by what she was feeling. She began saying, "I dizzy". He moved her to the ground. The eye movement stopped and then started again. Once it stopped we stood her to dress her and she was obviously dizzy. She couldn't stand without help. We called the dr's office to let them know we were coming right in. The eye darting happened again once more while in her high chair before we left. She threw up on the way into the office but the dizziness and eye movement seemed to have stopped. I felt like my breath was held all morning.

After seeing Charlotte and doing some more reading after we left it seems that Charlotte has Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo. It is really rare in children but the symptoms line up to the T. Her "eye darting" is called horizontal nystagmus. Here is what I have read & learned. You can tell by the language used that some of these are not my thoughts, but are from medical articles :)

The condition is thought to be caused by displacement of otoconial crystals (Ca carbonate crystals normally embedded in the inner ear). This displaced material stimulates hair cells in the posterior semicircular canal, creating the illusion of motion.

Symptoms included sudden episodic sensations of spinning (vertigo) without hearing loss or tinnitus, loss of balance and staggering, expressions of fear, pallor, diaphoresis and occasional vomiting.

It is provoked by changes in head positions.

It is often accompanied by migraines. The doctor told us that migraines could develop, but not necessarily. We are praying that they won't!

....So, all in all, it doesn't seem so bad. It was really comforting to have our doctor read to us from a medical book a case that sounded exactly like our situation with Charlotte this morning. We are thankful to God that she seems to be okay.

We will be seeing a neurologist from UNC in the next month to get a specialized opinion. I thought of my sweet friends, the Laniers, all morning and the journey they've had in the last 6 months with their son's health. Daily reminders to trust that our little ones are in God's hands, that they belong to Him.


There aren't words for this post right now. Just wanting to put his picture in a place where we can treasure it. This was Winship with Brittany, his girlfriend, a couple months ago.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Playtime

Peeking through...

I love this sweet moment between Samuel and June, look at her smile.

Thanks, Mom for Halloween hairbows!!

Charlotte being a big girl, holding June

Ben loving life among the pumpkins

oh, we tried to get the group shot...this was the best of the 8 pictures I shot. Samuel pushed Charlotte, Charlotte pulled Kate's hair, and Kate dropped one of the twins. Ben & Jacob weren't interested in the camera. It was funny.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This is how I find Kate out in the yard sometimes, arms stretched, fully relaxed, looking at the clouds and the pine cones on the tall trees. Sometimes I get down there and lie next to her. It's just too rare for her to be still, I have to soak it in.

I thought this above shot really captures her personality & the below one is just her sweet face. As Parks always says, "I think we should keep her"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I have been wanting to try making a dress for myself. I am happy with it but to say that it is hard to get on and off is a huge understatement. That ribbon band is fitted around my ribs and my shoulders are much wider..... I'm going to put a zipper in it. If that works I may be wearing a lot of these :)

Monday, October 04, 2010

Family Vacation to Beech Mountain

Our gracious neighbor gave us a weekend in her mountain house in Beech Mountain. We realized as we talked on our way there that we've never been on a vacation with just the 4 of us. Our time was really priceless. We laughed so much and really enjoyed each other. We went to Grandfather Mountain and saw bears, cougars, otters, an eagle, & deer. We ate apples off a tree on the side of the road and fudge from a little shop. We saw pumpkins and gourds the size of Charlotte. It was really a blast.

While we were there Charlotte threw up once and had some trouble walking. The wobbly behavior worsened and by yesterday she couldn't walk 2 steps without falling. We took her to the Boone, NC Urgent Care and found she has a "raging infection" in her ear. We decided to leave a day early. We got home last night and went to the pediatrician this morning. He confirmed a second ear infection and said that the behavior is all normal. Her infection is so bad that her equilibrium is offset affecting her balance and making her feel nauseous. She can't really walk today either. It is worst when she is lying down. Every time we change her diaper she says, "I falling, I falling". Poor girl.

In true "back to reality" fashion we had an humorous morning. Parks stayed home with me today (he's the best!) and we dropped off Kate at preschool and went on to the ped. Anyone who has ever taken a kid to the dr knows how that went - waited a long time, kid pulled everything off the counters she can reach, some crying. Not too bad. Then we ran some errands. Charlotte was hilarious, wanting to walk and not be held and bumping in to everything. She threw up all over the carpeted floor of the fabric store. Parks was on his hands and knees scrubbing while I was taking pictures of fabrics for curtain options. Then we picked up Lily Kate. Walking to the car I asked the question I always ask, "Did you go to time out today" and she says the answer she almost always says, "yes". Except today when I asked why she said that she hit Mrs Bolick and Mrs Hartzell (BOTH of her TEACHERS). I was trying not to freak out and trying not to cry of embarrassment. Then she went on to say that she had to visit Mrs Norris (the preschool director - WHAT??). I put her in the car and walked with my red face back to the school to apologize and hear more about what happened. "Lily Kate told me she hit you, I am so sorry, I can't believe she did that..." I started to slow down as I realized that her face was confused....."she didn't hit me"....long story short her story was "pretend". So I spent the drive home explaining that a pretend story when not explained that it is pretend is in fact a lie. Home for time out and lunch....ah, we are back to reality. It sure was fun.

Both of the girls we allowed to choose one candy to buy at Mast General. If you've ever been to Mast General you know there is a room full of candy barrels reminiscent of the Wonka Factory. Charlotte quickly grabbed a "geen lollypop" and carried the rest of the time. She would pick up other things and hold them both, look at them, and then put back the other option every time. In the end the green lolly pop always won. All I could think was, "you are amid every kind of exciting candy in the world, you can have anything you want, and you chose the kind of lolly pop that we get for free at the bank". She was just too cute with her simple pleasure!

Trying on hats at Mast General

Can't you tell we're holding up the rock. It was my cheesy idea, Lily Kate was confused...."but we're not holding it up, Mom, it's already up there....."

Parks and the girls on the "mile high bridge". Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that I got about 1/8 of the way across and quietly turned around. I know my limits :)