Monday, November 03, 2014


Happy Halloween.  The girls changed clothes a few times, even down to the last hour before we went trick or treating.  Hadley wore to school the costume that Charlotte wore to our fall festival.  I couldn't keep up with their plans, but what else is new!  

Here is Hadley dressed for preschool as a rock star.

 rockin out a little

 Parks came home a little early and we finally carved our pumpkin.  Don't mind Lily Kate's outfit, it was the beginning of a digression toward something new, but she settled back on her hula girl costume that we planned all along.  (It's a good thing because that cheerleader top is a size 3T!)

 Yep, Hadley is wearing undies and doing a karate chop.

My bride, Care Bear, and hula girl

Me with the girls.  Pretty good shot, but I wanted to keep trying, maybe we'll get a perfect one.....

 almost, but LK is doing something crazy

 ....and then we lost Charlotte

 Now I think LK is coughing or about to throw up and Char is leaving.  The first picture is looking great, should have quit while I was ahead.

 Silly faces

 Here's a sweet candid one of Lily Kate. It was a great night spent as a family.