Monday, May 23, 2011

Family Picnic at Pre-School

I thought this was a fun little photo series. Lily Kate's last day of her first year of pre-school is Wednesday. This school year has flown by. It has been the greatest experience for our family. She LOVES her teachers and her friends. I love how much she's learning! Charlotte will be joining her there in September and she is already talking about it all the time. She'll say, "after the summer I'm going to growed up and go to school with stister (we love how she says "stister") and pee pee in the potty and (big smile) get a BABY stister!" She's very excited. It sounds like she understands what's coming....we'll see. We're off to our first swim school lesson this afternoon. Everyone's growing up, I can hardly handle it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Two random things I had to share....
- Parks and I have an HSA account for our health insurance and the years we have babies have become the best medical years for us. We have a big ole $5500 deductible and on the years we have babies we save up b/c we know we are going to have to fork over the total once the baby is born. Along with our giant deductible is the benefit that everything else we do after that is covered at 100%. So, the conclusion for us has been that in these baby years we can count on the fact that we are spending the entire $5500 (but not more than that) and do any medical thing that we want that year! We get massages (billed through a chiropractor), moles removed, etc. All this yada, yada, yada brings me to my current condition of raging third tri-mester heartburn. Today I called my Dr and asked if she could call me in something for the burn. She said it would be very expensive and I quickly assured her that I was up for it. So, this afternoon Parks picked up my pills and they cost a whopping $535!. Wow, this is the only instance in which I would pay that much for medecine that was for anything less than keeping me alive. Gotta love the perks of an HSA. I have high expectations that these pills will work.

- On a completely unrelated note. Tonight at dinner Lily Kate (age 4) says, "Hey Dad, when I get just a little bit bigger I'm going to get a phone and it's going to be purple and I'm going to send messages to my friends on it all day" You could see the fear on Parks' face as he saw the future of being a daddy of girls! He just kept saying, "a LOT bigger, a LOT bigger".

Monday, May 09, 2011

Couple more shots from the wedding weekend

Aunt Sarah was also with us for part of the weekend and this was probably the highlight for the girls. They LOVE being with her. So do I though :)

Here's Lily Kate with Andrew

Happy Mothers' Day to Me :)

This weekend we went to Waxhaw, NC for the wedding of one of Parks great friends from high school in Papua New Guinea. It was a great time to him to visit with old friends. One of our friend's sons and Lily Kate were fast friends from the first time they met so they were together the whole time. I spent most of my weekend with Charlotte and it was such a sweet bonding time for us. Happy Mother's Day to me!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Pinkalicious the Musical

Saturday night Lily Kate and I went to see Pinkalicious the musical with my friend, Wrenn, and her daughter, Maggie. Kate was enamored. She chose her pink tutu skirt to wear and (I wish her hair wasn't covering these in the pic) her dangly clip on purple jeweled earrings. We have been to a couple outdoor, really casual plays but this was her first real play and the theatre graduate in me was really excited that she loved it. They sold cupcakes after the show and she got to hug the little girl who played Pinkalicious, it was priceless.

When Lily Kate & Maggie realized that they were going to get to have a pink cupcake after the show they were holding hands, jumping up and down, and squealing that they were going to turn pink. A special night for sure.

Pickin Berries