Friday, February 25, 2011

Conversations in the car

I spend a LOT of time in the car with the girls. Sometimes they read, often they sing, mostly we talk.

Kate: Mom, how come no one in our family is a movie star?
Me: Umm, well. We just aren't (I'm quick). I mean, we just have different jobs, that's not what God has us doing. Do you know what a movie star is?
Kate: Yea Mom, like Scooby Do, he's a movie star.... I think

The other day
Kate: Mom, I'm four now because I had my birthday but I don't feel four.
Me: You mean, you don't feel any older, like you still feel the same as when you were three?
Kate: Yea (lost in thought)

Kate: Let's pretend I'm a visitor at your house.
Me: Ok, Hi, where are you visiting from
Kate: Oh, I live in Wilmington. Tell me about your garden at your house.
Me: It's pretty empty right now, I'm waiting for Spring to start, I planted some see -
Kate: (interrupting) Yea, (I guess I was boring) I won't be going back to my house for a long time, I'm really sad about that. I have some beautiful flowers at my house, I really miss them.
Me: Hey visitor, I don't even know your name
Kate: My name is Liz Carpenter
Me: Wow, that's my name
Kate: (sincerely) Hmm, you are going to need to get a new name.

He, he. Little nut.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Do

Lily Kate was long overdue for a new do. Her hair is thick and wavy and looks like this most days.

Here's her "after" shot

And one more because she likes to model. I love it, I wish it was my hair.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful day at the Park

We have had a streak of beautiful days here. We went to the park on Saturday for a family picnic and saw lots of friends there. Here's Maddie, Ava, & Lily Kate


Sweet Charlotte

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Heart Day

Lily Kate and I made some chocolate covered strawberries for Parks while he was at work.

They turned out pretty well, a little coconut added for fancy factor

Parks and I have had a tradition of ordering take out on VDay for the past four yrs. We never do it so it feels like a treat. Neither person cooks, we put the kids to bed and eat in. BUT, this year Margaret Lee told us at the last minute that she would be around if we wanted to eat out. We grabbed that opportunity and had a proper date like normal people :) I love my Valentine!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Little Sponge

I just had to note this conversation we had with Charlotte last night. I was going through her papers from church and she had colored a picture of Bartimaeus, the blind man that Jesus healed. I asked her who was in the picture, expecting the usual, "I don know" that I often get. But, she said, "that man hurt his eyes, he was so sad. Jesus fix his eyes and he was all better. He was so happy!" Then in true Charlotte fashion, she yelled "YAY!" I was shocked. I often forget how much they "get" at this age, she's such a little sponge.

On a random note, my latest favorite thing that Charlotte does is, if you do anything to change your appearance (add sunglasses, take down a pony tail) she says, "oh Mom, you take off your pony. you're so precious." and she'll come and stroke my cheek. It's so funny but she really means it. Nothing like being called "precious" by your 2 yr old to boost your confidence.

She also sings Little Mermaid songs and tunes from our church Christmas play very loudly (and in totally wrong keys) to herself while she plays or rides in the car. There's a mini update on Charlotte, love that girl!

Houston Trip

Last week my sweet Nana passed away. It was a hard week saying goodbye and celebrating her life. We went to Houston and Corpus Christi for the funeral. We had some good times sitting around with the whole family in the hotel. (this is the best hotel ever, by the way, with an indoor pool, hot tub, and playground complete with a ball pit). Here's Nona and Lily Kate.

Our nephew, Scotty

Aunt Carrie breaking the rules with Halo. PS, Carrie, yesterday Lily Kate asked, "what does it mean to be allergic to kids? Your aunt Carrie said she's allergic to kids" I was laughing and curious what the context of that conversation was....

Kyle and Mom

My favorite little ones. The girls slept in bed together all week. We put Charlotte to bed and Kate would join her about 30 min later when she was alseep. I came in to Kate saying, "look, Mom, isn't she precious?", hugging little sleeping Charlotte.