Friday, June 07, 2013


First Day of Kindergarten ---- Last Day of Kindergarten

Happy Birthday, Evan

 For our friend, Evan's, birthday we went downtown to ride the trolley and had lunch at Trolley Stop.  Such a cute idea for a birthday party!  The kids were thrilled to be on the trolley.  
 Ella, Lily Kate, & Claire... I mean & Princess (she dressed up for the occasion)
 Katharine & Isla
 Charlotte and the birthday boy, Evan
 Hadley and Daddy

 Ok, here's the thing.  Katharine regularly makes these awesome cookies for birthdays and showers.  They always look this good.  I have told her that she should sell them.  People would buy them!  She's modest and says, "nah".  So, I took at picture.  If you're interested I'll take orders. 
and one more cute shot from the same weekend.  Kate carrying Isla at Music at Mayfaire.