Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Evenings at Home

Ice Cream out of the carton for dessert

 I don't know if I've mentioned that Hadley has been sitting up by herself for a while now, maybe 3 weeks.  It makes life more fun for her now that she can sit and play with toys.  Can you tell she's happy about it?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hadley's Baptism

This morning Hadley was baptized at our church.  It was absolutely precious.  We have spent some time talking to Lily Kate and Charlotte about baptism and how we are making a promise to teach Hadley about Jesus and to pray with and for her.  The baptism symbolizes how a relationship with Jesus can "wash" her clean in the eyes of God.  They were very excited about their commitment to pray for her.  We brought the kids into the service until we had the baptism.  They were SO loud.  Hadley made so much noise!  She was very happy, cooing and ahhing loud and clear.  Then there was short presentation from one of our members about his time spent working at a hospital in Africa.  Charlotte could not stop talking about shots and band aids and doctors.  The actual baptism went great other than Charlotte talking the whole time.  "Mom, don't have your hair like that, have it like this.  He put water on Hadley, water is on her head! Do you see Taylor, Mom? I see her (their babysitter) Wait, where did she go? Mom, is he praying now.  Is Mr. Paul praying?"  Then, my favorite, when it was over she said, "Mom, where's the baptize?"  I'm not sure what she was thinking "the baptize" was, but I think she missed it :)  It was a sweet time for our family and for Hadley Marie.  Here she is with Daddy in the baptism dress that my mom gave us and that all three girls have now been baptized in.  
 An (almost) family picture.  We forgot to get a family picture at church when someone who isn't in our family could actually take it.  Close enough.  Look at all those girls!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Myrtle Beach for some Family Time!

Friday we picked the girls up from school and kept on driving south to Myrtle Beach to the Dunes Resort.  That place is a kid's dream come true!  There are 2 water parks in the base of the hotel towers.  There were water slides, a lazy river, a splash pad, & lots of hot tubs.  I wondered if the kids might get tired of being in the same place for 3 days in a row and the answer was NO - the kids did not get tired of anything or slow down the entire time.  This kind of family time has been so great for us to do periodically, to have no distractions from being together and enjoying each other.  There was lots of laughter as we ran in the freezing weather from tower to tower, lots of saying yes to things we normally say no to (candy at the gas station & movies in bed) lots of chlorine in my eyes on the water slide, and only a few over tired melt downs :)

 I was amazed (and only a little nervous) as I watched the girls climb the stairs by themselves to the water slide over and over and over....

SO MUCH FUN, but I will add that after this weekend away Parks and I are wanting a 24 hr period of rest :)

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Blankets from my Nana

In just a couple days it will have been a year since my Nana died.  I can't believe how fast the year has gone.  Before she was sick she made these fuzzy fleece blankets with tied fringed edges.  Shortly before she died she made one for Lily Kate and one for Charlotte (Hadley wasn't born yet).  I know it was my mom who actually tied all of the fringe while she sat with Nana and I imagine it was probably my mom and my aunt, Carrie who went to the store and chose the fabric.  But still, the bankets are from her.  And every time I look at them I think of her.  I see how ratty the big girls' blankets get so for now I put these 2 special blankets in Hadley's nursery.  Most evenings and many mornings I lay Hadley on the big bed in her room with one of her blankets and she chews the fringe and snuggles with it.  I miss my Nana and I am sad that she never got to meet my Hadley and that my Hadley never got to meet her.    My heart is thinking of my Nana this week.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

6 Months Old!!

I'm going to say the same thing every mom says as each of her kids grow It's going by too fast! It really is.  Today Hadley is 6 months old.  In this short time she has made her place in our hearts like no other.  She is our Haddie boo.  I know I say it all the time, but she is so content, so happy almost all the time.  I'm seeing a bit of silly coming out, as she likes to growl and try to chew our cheeks and smile at us.  I love how much I can see Parks' face in hers.  She adores Lily Kate and Charlotte and, in true 3rd child fashion, doesn't seem to mind the noise all around her or hustle and bustle at all.  She loves to bounce in her johnny jump up and watch life go on with wide eyes.  She is slower to get going, as LK was crawling at this point and Charlotte was really close.  Hadley can sit on her own for a few minutes at a time and is able to roll over, but usually just does a Pilates V-up until you help her sit up because she doesn't like to lie down.  Wow, this girl can make me smile.  We all love you Haddie boo!

If you like to compare and contrast all the girls at the same ages like I do check out some pictures of Lily Kate at 6 months here and Charlotte at 6 months in this sweet little video

Fun Weekend!

Parks' mom, Lane, the girl's Soni, came in town this past weekend & we had a great visit.  Friday morning Lily Kate's class had a field trip at the skating rink.  It brought me right back to my elementary school days.  (Look at the "All Skate" sign in the background)
 Here we are after doing the Hokey Pokey.  I can't believe we don't have any pictures of Lane skating, she skated more than (& better than) any of us. 
 A walk on the beach on a 69 degree day.  Gotta love Wilmington!
 Charlotte, too busy for kisses
 Kate, exploring for shells
 We went out Saturday evening to celebrate Lily Kate's birthday.  The plan was Mellow Mushroom for pepperoni and olive pizza, LK's fave but we made a detour at Chuck E Cheese's next door.  
Waiting for the Pizza
 Hadley was supposed to be baptized Sunday morning but we had a slight change of plans because I got sick Sat night after dinner and Lily Kate woke up Sunday feeling bad too.  Sunday was her actual birthday (do you feel like we've been celebrating all month as much as I do?!).  We had a jammie day instead.  Parks wasn't feeling great either and he's the usual orchestrator of the traditional bday breakfast in bed so about 45 minutes after we all drug ourselves out of bed we brought Lily Kate breakfast on the  couch with her heap of presents.  Her spirits lifted very quickly.  (Look Margaret Lee, our very own Little Mermaid!)

Happy 5th birthday, Lily Kate.  You are effervescent and full of life!  You are smart as a whip!  You are more creative and have a better memory than I ever will.  You still love being with people all the time.  You have brought joy and brightness to the last five years of my life.  We love you, big sissy. 

What girl doesn't want to ride in a pink limo for her birthday?

 Just a couple shots from Sy'ana's birthday party at Sweet & Sassy.  The theme was fairies this year.  We met at her place and the girls rode the pink limo over to the salon without us. We weren't actually present for the girls walking the runway, wearing fairy costumes, which is a shame.  Ten sparkly green fingernails and one glitter updo later we picked them up.  So fun!