Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Apparently my thumb is not Green

Our Vegetable garden has been a sad sight this year.  The tomatoes got some sort of bacterial wilt.  The plants are puny, the leaves are wilted and most of the tomatoes didn't make it.  Apparently the bacteria stops the water from coming up the stem and making it to the leaves or fruit.  So sad.  This is my bounty this year.  At least they taste good.  Just to be clear that bowl is not a bowl, but a tiny ramekin and those are my 14 grape tomatoes for the season.  
Our cucumbers were flourishing, seemingly unscathed by the bacteria that was killing the tomatoes.  I was inspecting them the other day and, I'm no master gardener, but I'm pretty sure that my cucumbers aren't cucumbers.  I have about 4 of these big round ball veggies growing.  What is this, people?  Squash?  Watermelon? (it is "hanging" only because I have the vine running up a tomato cage to save space in the garden)  Guess I'll find out soon.

July 4th

The five of us went to Airlie Gardens on the 4th to walk, picnic, and check out the butterfly garden.
red, white, & blue sisters

All three of the girls loved the butterfly garden.  You can see them mesmerized above.  Hadley just sat in her stroller giggling every once in a while when one would flutter near her.  
Charlotte picnic-ing.

That evening we went with our good friends to Currie, NC where they have some land.  I didn't think to pull the camera out until the sun was going down so I didn't get too many good shots.  Low light, slow shutter speed, and kids don't mix.  
A very rare occasion, all the children with us were girls that night.  Here are all the little ladies in a circle checking out the fireworks Anthony bought.  Mike is supervising.
Hadley & Parks (or Haddie & Daddy as they are called around here)
Ms. June
Lily Kate holding the finale fireworks. 
Hadley and Me :)
We really had a great time, we picked blueberries, ate a fine potluck, watched the kids play in the sprinkler, and watched Anthony's firework show.  He may not have a 2nd career in firework showing just yet but we were appreciative that he brought some!

 Two weeks ago Lily Kate and Charlotte went to ballet camp.  This was Charlotte's first year and they both loved it.  Here is Kate showing me what she learned after day one.
At the end of the week they had a recital.  Here is Hadley wearing her tutu, ready to watch her sissies. 
Kate lounging before the show.
Here is a bit of Charlotte's dance.  (you can click on the bottom right of the video to make it full screen if you want) Honestly, I was a little shocked that she did the recital at all because of how uncomfortable she is up front.  I was very proud of her.

And here's Kate dancing (on the right)
 Posing and playing after the show.  They now consider themselves ballerinas.