Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Festivities

Halloween is just about over now and after this post I'm crawling into my bed.  It was an eventful day.  We started in Charlotte's classroom for her Halloween party.  
 Charlotte singing during a mini presentation by the kids.  She seemed to know all the words and hand motions.
 Here she is with her girlfriends.  This picture makes me think of highschool girls squeezing into a picture. 
 Samuel & Charlotte, always loving to be together.  
 Samuel & Grace
 Charlotte decorating her pumpkin cookie
 The masterpiece.  I may or may not have tossed it in the trash when she forgot about it.  No person needs to eat that many sprinkles. 

We spent less than an hour at home for lunch and then back to Kate's school for her fall party.  They didn't wear costumes to school, but were told to wear their favorite hat.  She calls this beret from Nona her fashion hat.
 Sitting on the carpet, estimating how many "eye balls" (candies) were in the jar in hopes of winning the jar full.  I'm so glad she's not the best estimator in the class just yet. 
 Snack time

Home for a few hours, then over to our friends' house for a potluck dinner and trick or treating.
 Jacob & Lily Kate, the "big kids"
 wearing the glow in the dark glasses from Nona
 Banner with Kristen (due in early Dec)
 Trick or Treating & the only (sad) picture I got of Charlotte all evening.  It is hard to get that girl to stand still especially with so much going on.
 Precious Charlie & Grace.  He was an astronaut.
Lil skunk getting tired.  

I was tired too.  We had a great day.  My only request is that I want Halloween to always be on a Friday so the whole family can sleep in the next day.

Pumpkin Carving

Monday night we carved our pumpkin
 the girls digging out the guts and seeds

 Charlotte decided to drink hot chocolate while Kate carved.  Smart girl.
 Eventually Kate joined her and Parks carved.
 Blurry spooky Halloween faces
 Hadley enjoying a marshmallow
Our finished product, heart shaped eyes and all.

Girls Mountain Getaway

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to my friend, Grace's, mountain house for a ladies weekend.  It was SO restful.  We drank wine and ate from our loaded cheese plate, watched movies, read all the magazines that pile up at our houses, sat by the fire, and talked more in a weekend than our husbands do all month.  It was delightful.  
I didn't take many pictures, which I guess I can't blame on being with kids anymore.  Guess I'm just not a photographer.
the view from the upper porch


Shelley, Sherry, & Grace

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Holly Tree Hoe Down

Lily Kate's new school had their annual Hoe Down last weekend.  The girls played games and bounced on the bouncy castle.  Lily Kate's class' booth was the cupcake walk.  It was a blast. 

 Sack races
 Kate waiting her turn to toss the hula hoop to win a prize. I learned half way through the evening that you only get a prize if you actually win the game you're playing.  I had been helping myself to prizes for the girls the whole time.  Whatever happened to E for effort??
 the beginnings of what was a huge dance party.  
 Hadley watching the fun

It is fun to think that this is now an annual tradition for our family.  Hadley won't be in 5th grade for another 10 years, so we'll be at Holly Tree for a while. Such a wonderful school!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Daily Life

In attempt to document more of daily life...

Hadley on the front steps.  Her shirt is one of the perks of getting hand me downs from a good friend with a daughter named Hadley.  (Met their family shortly after our Hadley was born)

"Mom, I'm a princess fairy (wings are in back) wedding girl who likes to jump in puddles at the beach" That's right, you are, Charlotte!

And because Lily Kate is rarely around for picture taking these days, here is one of her in her daily life at school.  I try to get to her lunch for a visit every Friday, which happens to be ice cream (= hyper kids) day

And here's one from this afternoon, making frosting for a cake that Charlotte wanted to bake.  Kate and Charlotte helped and all three tasted the batter the whole way through.  Life is full, we don't get bored around here.


 Just a few shots of our visit with Uncle Henry.  Sani was here too but she didn't make it in any of the pictures I took.  We went to Airlie Gardens and played with the butterflies.  Isn't Henry just a regular Snow White with all the butterflies landing on him?

 Hadley was quite mesmerized by the butterflies
 touching one

 These 2 were quite a pair.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Festival

Our church had it's annual Fall Festival complete with games, bouncy slides, hayrides, a face painting clown, and trunk or treat.  We will be wearing these costumes at least twice more.  October is such a fun month.  
 Lily Kate as a mermaid.  Charlotte was a mermaid too, but was never still enough for me to snap a picture of her in her full costume.  
Hadley was a skunk.  Recognize the costume?  The other two girls have worn it too :)
This is our friend, Banner, who just moved to town.  She was a fairy princess.  I thought it was funny that she chose to dress as a princess and she also chose the snake when she was getting her face painted.  Well rounded young lady! 
 Lily Kate and Maddie watching Charlotte get her face painted. 
 Charlotte, my other little mermaid
 Kate with her face painted.
 Daddy and the little skunk.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Getting Resourceful

Parks took Kate to the Dollar Tree to spend her loot from the Tooth Fairy.  I had Charlotte feed Hadley and I was able to make dinner all by myself.  Now that's working the system!

Fall = Boots with the Fur

Sing it if you know it...