Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day.  I had to post a picture of this snack that Charlotte and I made for her class.  She , very poetically, said, "these aren't hot dogs, Mom, they're heart dogs".  Both adorable and gross at the same time.  

This morning Parks and I had the sweetest surprise we've ever had.  Around 6:20 we heard the girls running down the hall (we usually wake them at 7:00 for school).  They popped their heads in our room and said, "don't ever come out of here, we're making a surprise for you".  Then, with no prompting or help at all they made us breakfast in bed.  It consisted of red jello (that I made for them 2 days ago), 1 chocolate cookie cut in half  (that I made for them yesterday), and some strawberries cut up.  Everything was in pink and red bowls.  It was really priceless to me.   They allowed me to come out with my eyes closed to grab my camera, so I was able to snap these when they came it.  

Then we made them pink pancakes (that Nona sent) and they opened their Valentine's bags from Nona.    
Parks and I will celebrate this evening with our champagne & Thai take out tradition.  This morning will be hard to beat. 

Evening Hangout Time

Cookie Decorating

Our friends, Samuel & Charlie (and Grace!) hosted a Valentine's cookie decorating party.  The kids went to town with the sprinkles on the cookies.  Most of them made one for their daddies.  It was fun to see them create Valenties for others.