Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 completely unrelated things I couldn't resist posting about....

The birdies hatched! Aww, I'm so glad I didn't use their eggs for decor in my living room! Aren't they cool!? I promise we won't touch them, Mom. Knowing Parks, this is the closest thing we're going to get to having a pet....speaking of Parks......

Look at this disgusting mustache! Our YL end of the year party was tonight and the theme was "Mexican". Being from TX, it usually isn't kosher to have a Mexican themed party. It's kind of like having a "white person" costume party. Parks and Kate wore sombreros (the evening was chaotic, I took no pics) and the girls all wore shirts with embroidered flowers. Parks gave himself a dirty mustache with charcoal and he will NOT wash it off. He thinks it's awesome and I can't seem to hold a conversation with him without laughing. I sneaked this pic while he was working on the computer. It's fading but still gross.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Strawberry picking time again!

Lewis Strawberry Farm is a Wilmington tradition for all the locals. I admit I've called the recording 2-3 times already this year to see if the berries are ready to pick. A bunch of friends and I met yesterday morning to pick and picnic and eat ice cream and let the kids run around. Charlotte was a complete dirtball, we had a blast.

A red shirt while strawberry picking always a wise choice for a 3 yr old. We had to make an exception for Charlotte so she could wear her strawberry outfit.

This is my great friend Emily, I've noticed she's often holding my run-away kids in pictures. That's because she's a HUGE help to me all the time :) Someday soon I'm going to get to hold a baby for her (we'll just let mine run) Below is the half moon of strollers we lined up while we ate lunch. This is only about half of the kids that were with us. It was wild fun.

Oh, what to say about Lily Kate and Will.... He is her sweet friend that she loves so much. They hold hands and hug and have so much fun. When she's at home she picks "white blow flowers" (aka dandelion weeds) for their wedding that she talks about pretty often. I think she has good taste, he's a keeper.

I love these two

I know I'm biased, but I think they are so cute. I wish I could get their cute faces together in one picture. Charlotte is 15mo old and I haven't been successful yet. Below is Kate and the fish she "caught" at the Children's Museum. We have been going to a kid's cooking class there weekly. Charlotte comes too and she eats each ingredient as it is handed to her so she doesn't really cook anything but she has fun.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes...

I love what Lily Kate comes up with. Parks and I were talking tonight and we decided that sometimes kid words for things are better than the real words. Maybe I'll start adding these regularly. This week it was:

  • Pillow Bags when she was helping put the pillow cases on while making her bed
  • Bug Pile when referring to the ant hill she stepped on
  • Foot Thumb when pointing out which toe the ants from the bug pile bit
I love that crazy girl!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Days around the house

Kate and I made cookies (which we do often these days), then she did some water-color painting which included painting her face, and then we played in the yard. We found this nest with beautiful eggs. Parks convinced me that is wasn't worth killing the baby birds to blow the eggs and put them in the house in a cool little bowl. Would have looked nice with our robin's egg blue walls.... probably couldn't have justified that to Lily Kate

Sunday, April 04, 2010

We had a great Easter at our church. Potluck after the service and a great egg hunt for the little ones. Both of the girls loved it.

We really tried to get a picture of Charlotte and her buddy, Oliver. I love the result. She won't sit still (surprise, surprise) and he wants to eat candy (surprise, surprise)! I'm hoping Steph got a better shot than I did. Aren't they cute? There are Stephanie and Lily Kate in their pretty yellow Easter dresses.

Childrens' Museum

Too bad Lily Kate was born 30 years too late to know what Care Bears are. I, on the other hand, was excited to see the costume.

Park Day

Time for some playin' and some picnic-in'. Just to clarify, Charlotte's face is a happy one. This is the face of the scream that she's already famous for, swinging and loving life.

Days at Home

Charlotte loves to read books. This is especially fun because Lily Kate didn't sit still long enough for books until just recently. I found Charlotte sitting in her bookshelf reading. I didn't get the camera quick enough to catch a shot, but this one was cute too. Also, THANKS Aunt Sarah for the sticker you sent Kate. They were put to use immediately!