Saturday, April 30, 2011

My other babies

These are my snap peas that have just started popping up the last few days. It is so hard to keep the kids from eating them every day so we can let it produce enough to gather for dinner.

This is my little vegetable garden this year: snap peas along the back wall, regular peas on the left, cucumbers on the far right, and the middle is jam packed with tomato plants (possibly too many for them to thrive - we'll see how that goes..) We finally got a hose hooked up to the rain barrel so I can water the garden for free. There's just something about growing plants from seeds that gives you a sort of proud and protective feeling...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Easter shots from Church

We had a great morning! A wonderful sermon at church, a potluck afterward, and then a third egg hunt for our kiddos. Don't worry it's not getting old.

Oh, why won't they look up, this one could be so cute...

Precious, truly precious

Samuel was quite the comedian, he did this for laughs and it worked on me :)

Sweet Kate

Happy Easter!

Kate showing off her ballet barbie from the "the rabbit", which is what she has been calling the Easter Bunny.

And Charlotte showing off her favorite things from her basket, cotton candy, pink necklace, and pretty headband

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg Hunt at the Children's Museum

We went to the Childrens' Museum yesterday and met up with the Laniers and Powells for the toddler egg hunt. Charlotte was very excited to wear the bunny ears, that is until we got there. Kate dyed eggs and got her face painted and all the little kids just ran around :)

Here is Oliver, in true boy fashion, maybe more interested in the mulch than in the egg hunt

Here is Lily Kate enthralled by the yoyo she found in an egg. The things I would never think to buy that capture their attention!

Here is Samuel "cheeseing" for the camera. He was delighted to have his picture taken while we were begging the others to be still for a moment. Maybe there's a modeling future??

We had a great time. We also have an egg hunt at church tomorrow and Parks and I are going to do one at home in the afternoon, so this is the first of three. This has been a great Easter season, we bought a couple great childrens' books for the girls that talk about Jesus' death and resurrection. Between those, the Veggie Tales Easter movie, and our sweet toddler conversations I feel like we have really been present in the meaning of Easter this year.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Visit from the Coleys

We had such a great visit with Becca and Brent this past weekend. Becca and I have been very close friends for 17yrs and it feels so comfortable to be together. It was really great to be with her but also with Brent and sweet Emory and get to know each of them better too. Miss em already. We hit up all that Wilmington has to offer in the spring: walk on the beach, dinner downtown, Airlie Gardens, some park time, seafood by the water, all the good stuff.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Proud parent moments....

I feel like I'm always so emotionally exhausted by Lily Kate's 4yr old amount of self control and trying to encourage her to fight against this selfishness that she was born with.... tonight we had a sweet moment that I was so encouraged by..... I was putting Lily Kate to sleep, we read our devotion book and then I asked her if there was anything that I could pray for her about her day tomorrow at school. She said, "well, tomorrow is our Easter egg hunt and we should pray that when we hunt for the eggs it doesn't make everyone fight and say THAT'S MINE (said in sincere dramatic LK style). " Then she cut herself off and said, "I'll just pray for that, I'll go first". First she prayed to avoid any "THAT'S MINE" incidents and then she thanked God for all of us in the family (including Margaret Lee, who lives with us & LK thinks is in our family). Then she asked God to make her be a helper for Mommy and not to be mean to Charlotte anymore and for God to make her good. How precious, God is molding her and changing her. I was so proud of her and when I told her she was just beaming. As I left she asked (with hopefulness) if I was going to tell Daddy that she did a good precious! Thank you, Lord for that encouragement!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover

Really, this is a post to show off more of my hubbys handiwork, I am constantly amazed and what he can do in that garage of his. Here is our bedroom before, sorry about the blaring windows, I forgot to take "before" pictures and I was actually thankful to find that I had this one from a year or so ago. This is the bed that he made us for a wedding present. We weren't using the space well, lots' of it was empty and wasted.

...and AFTER. It's hard to tell but the room is shifted, the headboard of the new bed is on the left wall (from the above picture). The bookshelf in this picture is on the wall where the old headboard used to be. Make sense??

This is my favorite space in the room, we found this little down filled loveseat (with slipcovers - the only way to do white) at World Market on sale. I wasn't sure I would use a sitting area in my bedroom but I do ALL the time. It's such a peaceful, secluded reading spot (2 words that are almost foreign to this mom of little ones)

Nice little low-profile bookshelf that Parks made. I loved the end tables with turned bases that I found for bedside tables, but they left us in need of some practical storage space.

I really wish I had a "before" picture of the dresser. Parks stripped and stained it to match the headboard, bookshelf, etc. It used to be a honey color. It looks brand new, you would never know I bought it used when I got out of college. I love giving furniture a new life.

Well done, Parks, well done!

Simple Treasures

Came across this picture when I was cleaning out the nursery, I think it was on the bulletin board in there when we used the nursery for Lily Kate. Its about 4yrs old, a precious memory to us now. Winship & Lily Kate on the lawn by the lake at Tate

Sunday, April 03, 2011

It's A...

We had some trouble posting this video, but 2 weeks ago we got to have an extensive ultrasound with a specialist and learned that our baby is very healthy. For weeks Lily Kate was convinced that we were having a girl, we would say, "Friday is the day we get to find out if the baby is a girl or a boy." and she would say, "no, Friday is the day that you will see that you're having a girl!" She was convinced and there was no changing her mind. Here's a clip of us just after we picked Lily Kate up from preschool that day, telling her what we're having...