Sunday, January 31, 2010


Tonight when we were putting Lily Kate to bed Parks and I read some books. Parks was near falling asleep and he said man, I have no energy tonight. Lily Kate said, Daddy, I'll pray for energies for you tonight...WAIT (will all sincere enthusiasm) I have lots of energies, I can give you some of mine" Oh how I wish we could do that.

The Big 0-3!

Lily Kate turned 3 on Friday. We opened presents at home on Friday and then had a big Chuck E Cheese party on Saturday (at her request for the last 4 months). This doll below is awesome (thanks, Mom!), it is almost as tall as she is and she has loops on her feet so that she can attach to Kate's feet and dance with her. Kate has given her 3 different names and has kept her by her side since Friday. Each year on the girls' birthdays I write them a letter and put it in a big manila envelope. I'm thinking I'll give them to the them when they go off to college. It has be such a great exercise to reflect on how much I love them and how wonderfully made they each are. Happy Birthday, Goose.

Lily Kate asked for it and I delivered - a purple cake! You should have seen the kids faces at the party after they ate....I'm sure their parents appreciate me

Charlotte riding a ride

Kate enamored by Chuck E & the "buddies playing music"

Grace (she's Samuel's mom who's pic is below) and Oliver - our biggest little friend (and one of the cutest!)

There's the birthday girl. As we were leaving Chuck E Cheese (on our way to eat pizza next door at Mellow Mushroom, like I imagine all sane parents do) Kate said, "Being together and dancing with all my friends is AMAZING!"

Nice Shots

We borrowed a great camera from our friend, Pete, to test drive. Makes all the difference.
Below are some shots of Grace & Ryan's cutie, Samuel. Sometimes we get to keep him while Grace goes to work at their Chick Fil A store. Isn't he precious?! We love Samuel (& Chick Fil A!)

Daily Livin..

I've been wanting to get a shot of this apron since Christmas. She wears it all the time when she "helps" and somehow in those moments I don't seem to have time to take pictures. Ashley, my sister-in-law made coordinating aprons for the girls & they are adorable. I am trying to convince her to sell them. If you are interested, I'll get you her number :)

I finally put all of the dress up clothes together in a trunk that is accessible to LK so now she comes out in a new outfit about once an hour.

BATH time = FUN time

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm sorry, what month is it???

Freezing, then warm, cold again.... who knows... we had a beautiful day the other day and Lily Kate begged to go swimming. We settled on a little splash mat and some running around.

So, the other day Kate was eating tuna fish and an apple for lunch and she mentioned that she liked eating those two things together, I said, "when I was in college I used to eat tuna with apples all the time" - that has led to Lily Kate now begining many of her phrases with "when I was in college..." It's really funny... My favorite so far is "Mom, when I was in college I had a baby in my belly, it was Emma (her doll)." That's just wrong...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dessert downtown with the Young Life ladies

All these pretty ladies are our YL leaders. The picture below is of me and my dear friend, Emily. She hasn't lived in town very long but we have become fast friends. She and her husband love our family well.

If you are a girl, you know that getting ready to go out is half as fun as the "going out" itself. Since Brittany has moved in with us I have had all the benefits of another female opinion in the house (ie "belt or no belt?" kind of questions are always answered with thought and care) Lily Kate LOVES getting into my clothes and wearing my tops like dresses. She usually chooses the
"shiny" ones because they are "fancy". I had a precious time with her playing with shoes and earrings. She adores all of the YL leaders and what better girls for me to have her look up to. She did cry when we left without her but I have made a promise of a "lady ice cream trip" in the near future, so hopefully, more pics to come...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Charlotte. The big 0-1

Charlotte was a fan of cake, but really, who isn't? It was a fun day to celebrate her. She may have liked us singing to her throughout the day even more than she liked the cake.

Post-cake bath. What a cutie.

Lily Kate is in the background opening Charlotte's present "to help her". She was very involved with the whole birthday.

Charlotte finally getting to play her new bongos from Nona (which have continued to be a hit). She loves to dance and with this toy she can create her own music.

After presents we went to dinner for a "Family Date" which we like to do once a month. It has become a fun tradition. We go to place the kids will love and talk about how our weeks have gone. Lily Kate loves it (and so do we!)