Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A day that calls for a Celebration!

Yesterday was a big day. Lily Kate helped me make spaghetti. It was really thrilling for her to dump the pasta in the boiling water (and not get splashed) and to mix the meat into the sauce. It wasn't Top Chef but it was a little life moment for her. She made dinner! This picture is her after she ate her creation. And....(only a mom would post about this). She "poo pooed the potty" for the first time. She was a little bothered by the whole thing but flushing the toilet made the experience very rewarding. I was cheering and shouting then I offered to make little bunny cakes for her. Then I realized we didn't have enough eggs and I was nervous that all my build up was going to backfire but she just said "it's alright mommy, you ok?" when she heard the disappointment in my voice. We settled on eating some ice cream (also a big treat) and watching VeggieTales.


Marie said...

Wow. I want to be her best friend.