Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I just cannot seem to keep up these days.  Here's a photo catch up of the second half of April and the first half of May.  We've been busy.

 Parks and I joined some friends at the Airlie Garden Party.  If it wasn't such a tacky thing to do I would have walked around taking picture of strangers in their sensational outfits.  I'll just say hats were worn my most (the bigger the better), bright colored garden dresses on the women, seersucker and khaki suits on the men (with the occasional pink plaid pant),  and we ate fried chicken and corn pone.  Only in the south!

 I went to Wine, Women, and Shoes, a fun benefit for the Make a Wish foundation with lots of my lady friends.  

 Young Life had their second annual Donut Dash.  Jared bravely ran a mile, ate 1/2 dozen donuts, and ran a mile more.  And he didn't join the hand ful of people in bushes puking after the race.  Well done!  
Here are Banner, Kate, and Charlotte eating the left over donuts.

 We went to art night at Holly Tree elementary and saw Lily Kate's self portrait on display.  We also went by the mall the next week to see her wind sock on display there.  The school chose a few pieces from each grade to bring to the mall and hers was chosen.  It was exciting.  

 Then we headed to Windy Gap in Weaverville, NC for Young Life family camp.  It rained just about the entire weekend, but that didn't stop this crowd.  Parks tried to teach the girls to play frisbee.  

 We rode horses

 We rode the giant swing.  The girls each went twice; they loved it.  

 hanging out with Jack and Sam Gayle

 The girls had to say goodbye to their favorite skit characters.  Nothing beats YL camp, really.  

 Last weekend we went out to pick strawberries at Lewis Farm.  No hands free for pictures while picking, but we sat and ate strawberry ice cream afterward.
 Banner & Walker
 Charlotte, Ella, and Kate.  It's funny to me that they all look semi serious with their closed mouthed smiles.  Practicing modeling poses, I guess.

All the mommas: Sarah & Kristen above and Me & Katharine below.

We went out to the beach that evening for afternoon play and a picnic dinner.  The babies were the only ones still enough for pictures.  It was our first trip out this season.  Hadley LOVED it.  I don't think she remembers ever having been there before.  She was fascinated by the sand.  There was a big tide pool, which is perfect for little ones - all the water and none of the waves.  

We just celebrated mother's day last weekend.  I started the day with breakfast in bed (our family's tradition for every holiday if you haven't picked up on that), presents, and sweet cards from Parks and the girls.  Then I rode the ferry to Bald Head Island with some girl friends to meet our friend Steph who treated us to the overnight.  We laid on the beach, rode the golf cart through the island, watched the sunset and Troop Beverly Hills.  Perfection :)