Thursday, January 16, 2014

Plays and Presentations

Our church does a Christmas play and this year it was about the "friendly beasts" version of he birth of Christ.  LK was a sheep.  She has a solo verse in one of the songs and a line and she rocked it!  Charlotte was a townsperson and she was happy as a clam not to have to sing alone :) They had a great time being a part of the play.  These pics were taken after the play.  

 Charlotte's Preschool does a music performance every year.  Can you spot her in the middle in stripes?
 Here she is again with her little girl friends from her class.  
 Lily Kate also had a low key "winter party" in her class.  `At the end the teacher let them show us some of the songs they have been learning in music. LK loves music class (and she had been performing the same songs to us at home all month), so she was thrilled!