Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Minivan Express

One of my favorite things we did this holiday season may need to become an annual tradition.  The girls were on their way to their beds one evening and they found tickets on their pillows for the Minivan Express. 

 The girls were very excited and immediately had 250 questions (because they are girls).  They had just seen the Polar Express for the first time so they were a bit concerned about us not getting to come home if we lost our tickets.  Charlotte was adamant that we keep our windows up so that no one's ticket blew out.  

 We went straight to the garage and Daddy punched our tickets. 
 There was popcorn and hot chocolate in the car for everyone (wonder how that got there). We went on a Wilmington Christmas light tour.  There were a few houses that we knew about that have their lights synched to a a radio station that plays Christmas music.  There was even a house with a live Santa (never mind that he looked younger than me).  It was such a simple outing (I wore slippers) and yet such a fun surprise for the kids.