Sunday, April 26, 2009

Evenings on the Porch...

We had a great evening last night. We finally used this bike cart that some friends gave us a while back (thanks Bartons!) that is big enough to put Charlotte's whole carrier into. She just rode along behind me and stared up at the trees & Lily Kate rode in her seat on Parks' bike. Then our favorite little buddy, Oliver, came over and hung out with us on the porch. I still haven't been successful at getting a picture of Oliver and Charlotte where neither of them are crying. I think its all the angling and the proppoing up that makes them cry. And for the record, Lily Kate's paci is "only for night night time" (this is a sentence that I say at least 3 times a day - but hey, I used to have to say it about 8 times a day!). She was coming out to get her kiss from me before Parks put her to bed. I love those girls.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here's the family -all in one picture, it seems near impossible to get everyone looking in the same direction but we tried. Sunday Charlotte was baptized at church. It was a special day for us to celebrate Charlotte being rooted in a family that is committed to helping her know Jesus.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Morning at our church

So, yesterday morning the 2-4 yr olds sang Alive, Alive during the service. I have been listening to Lily Kate sing this song very loud and with enthusiasm around the house and in the car the last few weeks and Parks and I just laughed during the service because she didn't sing at all. BUT she shook her egg shaker with all her concentration. It was too funny. A friend's mom who was there said that Lily Kate seemed like such a quiet, calm child. Again, I just laughed.

Above, the egg hunt at church & below, the result of too much sugar.

Easter Morning

We prayed that Lily Kate would be joyful while I was pregnant with her and now sometimes we just laugh at the amount of energy and excitement that she has.

Our Long Weekend

I really enjoyed having a long weekend mainly b/c long weekends mean that we have Parks around with us. We went on a picnic at the park on Friday and spent most of Saturday in the backyard. Parks' extra hands around the house also meant that I got to spend some more time with my Charlotte. The picture below was a little bonnet that I wore when I was little. I couldn't seem to add the bonnet and keep a smile for the picture. Thanks for the Easter bib, Mom.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A day that calls for a Celebration!

Yesterday was a big day. Lily Kate helped me make spaghetti. It was really thrilling for her to dump the pasta in the boiling water (and not get splashed) and to mix the meat into the sauce. It wasn't Top Chef but it was a little life moment for her. She made dinner! This picture is her after she ate her creation. And....(only a mom would post about this). She "poo pooed the potty" for the first time. She was a little bothered by the whole thing but flushing the toilet made the experience very rewarding. I was cheering and shouting then I offered to make little bunny cakes for her. Then I realized we didn't have enough eggs and I was nervous that all my build up was going to backfire but she just said "it's alright mommy, you ok?" when she heard the disappointment in my voice. We settled on eating some ice cream (also a big treat) and watching VeggieTales.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Charlotte & Oliver

This is Oliver. He was born 16 days before Charlotte and we have big plans for them to be great friends as they grow up. I'm sure they'll be eating sand at the beach together this summer. These are some cute pics that Stephanie & Andrew took of the babies.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


This makes me laugh, I especially like Lily Kate's impersonation of Charlotte.

Sleeping Beauty

Well, there haven't been many pictures of LK lately and that is truly because I haven't been able to get her to be still enough to take one. I have a lot of deleted attempts. Here she is - in all her wiggly-ness.

I'm glad I captured this face. This silly open-mouthed grin is Charlotte's regular "I just ate and I'm loving life" face.